Nascent Iodine Supplement Drops - Charged to Absorb


  • Pure iodine mined from deep-earth crystals
  • Electromagnetically-charged molecular iodine
  • Mimics dietary iodine for instant absorption
  • Alcohol-free formula made in the USA
  • Take six drops (2694mcg of iodine) daily

Did you know that every cell in the body needs iodine? This essential element also plays a critical role in the thyroid gland for hormone production, but the body cannot create it on its own. Iodine drops are the most popular supplement option to reverse iodine deficiency. Miss Lizzy’s Nascent Iodine Drops are specially formulated for maximum absorption, so you can enjoy the benefits of increased energy, optimized cognitive focus, and healthy weight control.

Nascent iodine is a specific type of molecular iodine that has a broken diatomic bond, which results in a high electromagnetic charge. The charged element is readily absorbed and instantly utilized inside the body, providing noticeable energy and balanced emotions with less waiting.

Unlike low-quality sources of iodine, Miss Lizzy’s Nascent Iodine is highly stable and sourced from deep-earth mines in the USA. Kelp-based iodine supplements run the risk of transmitting environmental chemicals and pollution, but Miss Lizzy’s crystal-sourced iodine is carefully tested for heavy metals and mineral salts. The formula is guaranteed to be 100% alcohol-free with no preservatives, fillers, or colors. By raising levels of pure, bioavailable iodine in the body, you may enjoy increased energy, balanced emotions, clear cognitive focus, and healthy weight balance.

If you have difficulty swallowing tablets or you have a sensitive digestive system, Nascent Iodine Drops are the perfect option. Simply take six drops daily, or as recommended by a physician, and discover the power of clean, pure liquid iodine.


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