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Lugols Iodine Supplement 12.5mg | Boost Energy, Metabolism, Immunity & Mental Focus | 90 Pills

Lugol's Iodine 5%, Lugols, Iodoral, Iodine Tablet

✅ BOOSTS ENERGY & VIGOR - With proper iodine levels you may experience a more restful sleep at night, allowing you to wake up the next day feeling fully recharged, refreshed and ready to take on the day's tasks.*

✅ SHARPENS COGNITIVE FUNCTION - By maintaining healthy levels of iodine in your body, you may experience enhanced brain function, better focus and concentration, and heightened levels of alertness.*

✅ SUPPORTS METABOLISM - Low levels of iodine can lead to fat storage and a slow metabolic rate. Our supplement may accelerate your metabolism.*

✅ EASY-TO-SWALLOW TABLETS - Our non-GMO and cGMP-compliant supplement is made available in small, oblong-sized tablets that are easily taken with water. Just take one tablet each day and you are all set! No messy liquids or iodine taste.

✅ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our product, just let us know and will provide a complete refund of your purchase with no questions asked.

    Don't you just hate it when you still feel tired and exhausted even after a full night of sleep?

    You head to bed early, feeling tired from your busy day. As soon as you wake up, though, you find yourself feeling groggy, exhausted and lethargic, despite having a long night of rest - and, sadly, the cycle just repeats itself.

    Miss Lizzy Thyroid Support Iodine Supplement may help kick up your energy, focus and vigor so you may take on all your daily tasks with ease.

    Studies show that a deficiency in iodine can cause unhealthy weight gain, chronic fatigue, poor brain function and a lack of focus. Our dietary supplement delivers sufficient doses of iodine, which will may help you experience a variety of health benefits.

    Our supplement promotes healthy thyroid function, which may help you achieve your fitness goals. Our supplement may increase your energy levels at the same time, giving you more vigor and stamina for exercise and daily tasks.

    Does your brain feel all foggy and muddy at times? Iodine may help clear up your mind, giving you a heightened sense of alertness, better memory, and sharper focus all throughout the day, without causing unwanted side effects, such as jitters and nervousness.

    Do the tips of your toes and fingers feel like ice cubes? If the answer is YES then you may be deficient in iodine. Our pills may help balance your body’s temperature, mood and emotions for a happier you.

    Still not convinced? Here are extra benefits that will help you make the right choice:

    ✅ Boosts immunity

    ✅ Promotes healthy blood sugar levels and supports healthy breasts

    ✅ No dairy, gluten, corn, dye, sugars and nuts

    ✅ Non-GMO and cGMP-compliant

    Restore your high energy levels and live your life to the fullest by maintaining good iodine levels in your body. Add the Miss Lizzy Thyroid Support Iodine Supplement to your cart NOW!

    Lugol's Solution of Iodine Tablet

    Miss Lizzy Thyroid Support™ Iodine Tablet is a high potency iodine and potassium iodide supplement. Iodine promotes healthy thyroid, skin and cellular growth. One 12.5 mg tablet of Lugol's Iodine Tablet supplies an amount of total elemental iodine as one drop of Lugol's Iodine 5% liquid. 

    This special potassium iodide supplement formulation was created by J. Charles Hakala, a member of the original "Iodine Project" team along with Guy Abraham, Md, Jorge Flechas, MD, and David Brownstein, MD. His compounding expertise was utilized to transform the liquid Lugol's solution into tablet for ease of use. 

    About Iodine Deficiency

    As explained by Weston A. Price, Iodine is critical to human health. It forms the basis of thyroid hormones and plays many other roles in human biochemistry. While the thyroid gland contains the body’s highest concentration of iodine, the salivary glands, brain, cerebrospinal fluid, gastric mucosea, breasts, ovaries and a part of the eye also concentrate iodine. Iodine is an essential micro-nutrient.

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    Keep away from children. For adult use only, under the supervision of a physician or Iodine Literate Practitioner.