Living with Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism for 30 Years

Hi, we are going to be good friends! Let me introduce myself, I'm Lizzy, the founder of Miss Lizzy Thyroid Support® and a thyroid health advocate. My journey to heal from hypothyroidism started in 2006, around the time my son was five years old. No longer could I blame the weight gain and extreme exhaustion on pregnancy or being a new mom. I knew my body didn’t feel right, I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

Looking back on my young life up to age 35, there were many other classic symptoms of hypothyroidism — like weight gain, no energy, edema, extremely dry skin, brittle thin hair, low body temperature, and more — which no doctor caught. In fact, most doctors openly or subtly suggested the symptoms were all in my head.

As someone who suffered with hypothyroidism for over 30 years and trusted too many unhelpful doctors, I know what its likes to feel sick, alone and overwhelmed. But I want you to know you are not alone. You are now part of a community who cares about your health and well being.  I want to help you through the challenges you face every day by providing support, information and products to help you on your journey to feeling better. 

A leading cause of hypothyroidism and thyroid nodule is iodine deficiency. Through my journey I learned about the importance of iodine, the right types iodine, and other supplements to help support thyroid, and whole body health. After all, every cell in the body needs iodine, not just the thyroid.

The doctor said “You don’t have hypothyroidism, and if you think medicine is a quick-fix weight loss solution you are wrong. I won’t treat you.” 

Should I Remove My Thyroid?

Back in 2006, a doctor discovered a goiter (nodule) on my thyroid which launched my journey. At the time I consulted three doctors in hopes of getting help and answers. The first doctor said I had to have surgery to remove my thyroid (thyroidectomy) because they couldn't "be sure" if my nodule was cancerous so I should just take out the whole thyroid. He made it sound so ominous and scary. Removing my thyroid, he said, would also mean taking medicine for the rest of my life which sounded incredibly depressing. As for the scar on my throat from surgery, he said "just buy a pretty necklace to cover it up”. How insulting. 

During my visit to the second doctor (an Endocrinologist) about the thyroid nodule, I brought tons of reading and research showering her I was certain I had symptoms of hypothyroidism. After all, weren’t thyroid nodules are classic sign of hypothyroidism (and iodine deficiency).

Being Told "You're Fine"

I remember that day so clearly, sitting in her office as she told me “You don’t have hypothyroidism, and if you think medicine is a quick-fix weight loss solution you are wrong. I won’t treat you.” Leaving her office, I cried all the way home. At this point I had almost given up, and even scheduled the surgery.

But I keep searching for answers until I found an Integrative Medicine who was able to help. He was the first doctor who said "How you feel matters. If your instinct says something isn't right, we should listen." Finally someone who believed me, and was willing to figure it out!

Over time we tested different types of medicine and supplements to find what worked for me.  Fifteen years later, he is still my doctor and the only one I listen to because we work as team. He looks at my symptoms, not just my lab work and always treats with me. We have monitored my thyroid nodule now and it hasn't grown. In fact, its a little smaller and doesn't affect my swallowing anymore or out pressure on my throat. I am so glad I didn't listen to the first two doctors. A good doctor is priceless. 

Winning at Hypothyroidism

Here I am today, almost 50 years old, with a healthy strong body and living a happy life, finally getting the right treatment for hypothyroidism.