Is Kelp a Good Source of Iodine?

April 02, 2019

Is Kelp a Good Source of Iodine?

This excerpt comes from an interview with Lynne Farrow, author of The Iodine Crisis...

"The seaweeds are so contaminated at this point, you know, don’t forget they use seaweed to absorb oil spills or chemical spills in rivers and the ocean and things like that.

So, seaweed has some great capacities for just absorbing things. It’s very good at absorbing iodine, which is wonderful, from seawater. Because there’s not that much iodine in sea water, but seaweed is very proficient at being able to absorb it.

So, up until the chemicals started hitting the ocean, seaweed was, you know, the main source. It was put into different pills and people would go to the emergency room sometimes because the pills are contaminated, you know, the tablets or the capsules that people bought. So, I don’t recommend seaweed.

I hate to say this, and people hate to hear it, because they want to try to find a natural form, a clean form of seaweed, but it’s just not available.”

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